ESTA tennis Slowakei review. This is madness!!!

(Esta, Slowakei, tennis, review)

I would like to share my sad experience which I had with Esta, when trying to arrange my vacation 28.05-02.06.2009

My wife and me decided to have a short sporting holidays and play tennis. In a big sporting store (Sport Experts, Wien) I saw an Esta booklet, which advertised different kinds of sporting vacations. We’ve slected Slowakei, Stupava hotel «Parkhotel».

On Esta site hotel was announced as a ***-stars one. It has a lot of sand courts as well as indoor courts. The latter was very important for us, hence the spring was very rainy this year. Together with the hotel voucher we received additional information, which stated that all guests MUST have tennis shoes for sand and indoor courts. So, we had to buy another two pairs of shoes for each of us.

Right on our arrival we’ve been unpleasantly surprised: hotel entrance was decorated only with ** (two!) stars, but not with the declared ***. I was even more surprised when starting to write this post, I’ve visited Esta site once again. The hotel had already **** (FOUR) starts! Really nice and quick upgrade 🙂

Despite small number of guests in the hotel, we had to wait for our meal for 40 minutes. The food itself was disgusting: half-fried chicken, over-spiced soup, etc… At the same time the hotel was declared as “kids-friendly”. I’m not sure this is a healthy food for adults, not saying about the kids.

From bad to worse. It was raining all day long and sand courts turned into  sand beaches. No playing, no trainings. To my question about the indoor courts I’ve received an answer, that they are busy with handball or some other, not tennis related competitions. We felt really bad…

Esta office was placed on the same floor we lived. I went for the explanations. Of course, to all my questions I’ve received very prompt and useless answers. The hotel was “awarded” with three starts according to “there” classification, but not to the world-wide excepted. And because it’s only a ***-hotel, they don’t have a first-class cook. (Of course, it’s a rocket-science to fry chicken legs)

The only positive effect of that slam was the waiter speed-up.

It was raining for a second day in a row and we decided to go back home and not wasting our time and money.

Don’t go for Esta, it really SU…KS!!!


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